Getting connected to electricity is simple.

You just need to follow few steps and you are good to brighten your place!

Step 1: Fitting

Before you can be registered, you first need to make sure a proper fitting that includes installation of main switch is done in your premises. The fitting must be done by a recognized technician.

Step 2: Registration

Registration can be done at our headquarters Gulioni Zanzibar for people living in Zanzibar (Unguja), Tibirinzi for people living in Pemba and all the zonal offices across Unguja and Pemba. It is important that owner of the premises is the one who do registration; otherwise a power of attorney shall be issued for representatives. 

To be registered you need to present one passport size photo and a valid photo ID (Zanzibar ID, Tanzanian ID, passport, driving license, voter’s registration ID).

An authorised officer will enter the details into a computer system and a registration form will be printed for you to proceed with registration fee payment. You will also be given all instructions regarding conditions for your connection.

Pay the registration fee. If you need to use non shared transformer, you will be required to make a separate request to the General Manager.

Step 3: Survey

An authorised ZECO officials will contact you to notify you on the date when they will arrive at your site for survey.

You will later be informed on the total cost of connection. Please make sure you get a receipt after you do the payment.

Step 4: Connecting to electricity 

After you pay the prescribed connection fee, you will be contacted to be informed on the date when our technicians will come to connect your premises with the electricity.

Step 5: Enjoy a brighter life

Ready to start a brighter life! Please remember to conserve energy for the greener world! And please remember to pay your bills to avoid power cuts!