This Stakeholder Engagement Plan (SEP) which has been prepared and will be implemented by Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (ZECO) and the Ministry of Finance and Planning, during the preparation and implementation of the Zanzibar Energy Sector Transformation and Access (ZESTA) Project. The proposed project will have three major components. Component 1: Renewable Energy and Storage Infrastructure. This component will finance a solar park with a 10-15MW solar PV plant and a stand-alone Battery Energy Storage System (BESS). The solar PV plant will pilot utility-scale renewable energy development in Zanzibar, and the BESS will support the grid by providing supply needed to meet the evening peak and integrate VRE onto the island grid. In addition, this component will also support the technical design and supervision consultancy for the Solar PV and BESS. The consultancy will undertake feasibility studies, associated environmental and social studies, develop procurement documents, and supervise the construction. Component 2: Grid Modernization and Access Scale-up.

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