The United Republic of Tanzania, through the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals (MoWEM) of Zanzibar, intends to implement the Zanzibar Energy Sector Transformation and Access Project (ZESTA) with financing from the World Bank. The objective of the proposed project is to expand access to reliable and efficient electricity services and to scale up renewable energy generation in Zanzibar. The project will be implemented over a period of six years. The project will be implemented by Zanzibar Electricity Corporation (ZECO) and the Ministry of Water, Energy and Minerals (MoWEM) of Zanzibar. ZECO will implement Component 1, Component 2, and relevant parts of Component 3, while MoWEM will implement the bulk of Component 3.

ZECO and MoWEM will each establish a dedicated Project Implementation Unit headed by a Project Manager and Project Coordinator respectively, and supported by staff with requisite technical, fiduciary, and social and environmental safeguards skills.

For more details of NEOI AND TOR for Safeguard Implementation Support ,please follow the below links:

TOR for safeguards implementation

REOI for safeguards implementation